MYC once again welcomed a new batch of 37 ambitious youths on 14 July 2019 who came together with their family and/or official guardian. They were first required to register themselves and collect their respective workshop name tags. Later, Brother Peter met all the boys together with their family members and/or guardian to brief them about the standard rules and regulations of MYC.

All the new boys were later brought to their dormitories by their new big brothers. For the next 3 days, the boys had motivational orientation so that they are able to further understand the purpose of the rules and regulations of MYC, get to know their new friends and also the big brother, small brother system. On their fourth day, all the boys sat for their General Studies and workshop assessment tests.


Around 53 youths arrived at MYC on 15 July 2018 for Admission Day together with their family members/guardians. They were first directed for registration process to take their name tags and later, Bro Peter K sg. Director of MYC had a brief meet-up session with the boys and their parents/guardians. The new students were introduced to their “Big Brothers” who assisted them to carry their luggage to their new “home”.
For the next 3 days, an orientation was held for the new students to accustom them with MYC rules and regulations, the environment and the big brother-small brother system. After the 3 days orientation ended, the students kick started their 2 years journey in MYC with General Studies and workshop assessment tests.


One of the most thrilling days in a students’ life is the day they finally complete their studies and able to graduate with an honorary certificate. This time, it was Batch 17 boys’ turn to walk on their graduation day. The day started with the arrival of a wonderful list of guests of honours and graced by “Yang Berhormat Puan Genie Lim Siew Lin, Exco Wanita, Kebajikan dan Pembangunan Luar Bandar” to officiate MYC Batch 17 Graduation. YB Genie in her speech pointed out the importance of education especially to the underprivileged community and also announced the most awaited news which was the waiver of the new building land premium. The hall roared with thunderous claps as the boys went up to the stage to receive their scrolls and awards. Brother Peter in his speech congratulated all the graduands and thanked all the VIPs and guests that came to celebrate yet another successful graduation of MYC boys. Overall, this year’s graduation event is one of the most memorable and blessed graduations for all boys and staff.


The boys are going to their 2nd year of study and they will be the “Big Brothers” for the next batch of students. A 3-day orientation was held from 26th June until 28th June at the Golden Sand Baptist Assembly Port Dickson for the boys accompanied by Brother Peter and few other staff. The main purpose of this orientation is to expose them to leadership skills besides bonding them through some team building activities. The boys certainly had an enjoyable trip and learnt a lot of skills through the sessions given.


On 23 July 2017 some 50 boy youths arrived at MYC for Admission Day with their family members/guardians. After completing the registration process and having taken their name tags, Bro. Peter K sg. Director of MYC, met the new students and their parents/guardians for a briefing. The new students met their “big brother” soon after, who helped them to carry their belongings to their hostel.  Orientation began in the afternoon and continued for the next three days.  The new students were briefed on the rules of MYC, the big brother-small brother system and played many games which taught them team spirit, trust and responsibility.  On the fourth day, they sat for General Studies and workshop assessment tests and so began their 2 years journey in MYC.


Graduation is a reflection on past trials and successes as well as hope for the future that brings with it a roller coaster of emotions for the grads and their families alike. It’s a time of celebration and achievement for our very own Batch 16 who have graduated on the 10th of June 2018. We were honoured to have Mr Ng Teck Seng, the Managing Director of Kuok Foundation as our guest of Honour together with the Chairman of BOG, Mr. Tan Hing Seng BKT, PJK, Technical Advisor of CMD, Mr. Tan Siew Teng, Bro. Mark Tee sg. from MBT and also, the sponsors, volunteers, parents/guardians and members of the press whom attended the grand event. Bro. Peter thanked the educators, teachers and staff who had encouraged and actuate the students throughout their stay in MYC. MYC’s core value is not education alone but also emphasises on character formation as the saying that goes “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education. —Martin Luther King Jr”. Well done and congratulations to all of our Batch 16 graduates and always remember; Be a shooting star!


2nd Year students were at Marist Champagnant Youth Centre, Port Dickson for a 3-day Orientation programme. The sessions were facilitated by Bro. Peter K sg. and a number of staff, geared at preparing the students to be role models as “Big Brother” to the new batch of students.  Besides learning about leadership and responsibilities, the students had fun dipping into the sea during their evening break.


On 31 July 2016, fifty eight students turned up on the registration day for the new batch with their family members or guardians.  After the registration process and a session with Bro. Peter K sg. Director of MYC, they bid each other goodbye and were brought to their dormitory by their ‘big brother’.  Orientation starts immediately after that.

The orientation was meant to familiarize the new students with the rules of MYC, the new environment and the big brother – small brother system.  Once the 4-day orientation was over, they all sat for assessment tests from the General Studies Department and their respective workshops.

This is the second week they are in MYC and they seem to be adjusting well to the school and home programme.  Keep it up boys!


After the graduation of their senior brothers, Batch 15 boys were managing their own daily activities with the new team of prefects. A 3-day orientation (from 15-17 July 2016) was held in Port Dickson, animated by the Bro. Director and the Student Affairs team. This orientation bonds them as they were given various team building activities and leadership sessions.

The students also share about themselves; who they were a year ago and what they are today, and aspire to be like their seniors; to graduate from MYC and do their family proud. The orientation also prepares them to receive their junior brothers (Batch 16) who will be joining MYC on 31 July 2016.

The photos show the boys having an activity on a serene evening by the beach, a group sharing in one of the sessions, and just them…being boys!



2 AUGUST— Family members came to send off their sons on the Admission Day of  MYC Batch 15 boys.  55 new boys join the MYC family and they were welcomed by their ‘big-brother’.  Although it seems tough  in these first few months, these students are slowly adapting to the new environment with the assistance of their ‘big brother’ and the staff.


Upon graduation of Batch 13, MYC is left with Batch 14 boys.  These boys were brought to Port Dickson for a 3-day session to prepare them to be role models for the new batch of boys.  They were given sessions by the Brothers and the Student Affairs Officers on their roles and responsibilities as a ‘big brother’.



Batch 15 students armed themselves with a big grin as they march across the stage to receive their scrolls, certificates and trophies.  It was a great honour to have Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia, Mr. Simon Song to officiate the event.  Guests of Honour were Chairman of BOG, Mr. Tan Hin Seng BKT, PJK, Manager of Account Management, Automotive Aftermarket (Bosch Malaysia), Mr. Lee Ping Kooi, Ong Foundation representative, Mr. Paul Ho, Technical Advisor of CMD, Mr. Tan Siew Teng, Director of MBT, Shah Alam, Bro. Mark Tee sg. and Bro. Robin sg. together with sponsors, volunteers, parents/guardians and members of the press attended the grand event.  Graduation is an important milestone in their learning journey at MYC.  Bro. Peter K sg. in his speech, thanked the educators, teachers and staff who had inspired and motivated them to reach their goals.  As in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”; had truly echoed the theme of Batch 15 Graduation Day: “Dream It Possible”. To our graduates: well done and congratulations!


26 June 2016 – Forty eight young men from Batch 14 proudly walked up the stage, one by one to receive their Certificates with their family members witnessing this joyous moment.   The Graduation ceremony was graced by Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul DD, Bishop of Malacca-Johor Diocese.  This day was not only a joyful day for the students who had completed 2 years of tough training at Montfort Youth Centre but their families as well.  For the Brothers and staff, it was a proud moment as they see these young men holding a certificate in their hand and how much they have progressed since they first came 2 years ago.

We congratulate all the students on their graduation and especially those who received various awards such as Best Workshop Students, St. Louis Award, Outstanding Prefect Award, Good Discipline Award, Leadership Award and the grand award, the Student of the Year Award.  The photo shows Ong Yeong Sieng and Stanley A/L Mariadas being awarded the Student of the Year Award, flanked by (from left), Mr. Tan Hin Seng BKT, PJK – Chairman of the MYC Board of Governors, Bro. Peter K sg. – Director of MYC and His Grace, Bishop Bernard Paul DD.

With the graduation of Batch 14, the total number of youths that had graduated from Montfort Youth Centre has escalated to 394! We take this opportunity to thank all donors and supporters of Montfort for without them these achievements would not be possible.  We also thank Bishop Bernard Paul for taking time to be present with us and for sharing his love.




21 June 2015—After 2 years of training in Character Formation & Industrial Skills, these 50 young men from Batch 13 finally graduated adding the number to 346 students that had graduated from the Centre for the pass 14 years.  We thank YB Datuk Lim Ban Hong for officiating the 13th MYC Graduation Ceremony.  The photo on the right shows two students, Tandabani A/L Mookkan  and Peter Lim Kok How being awarded the Student of the Year Award, the highest award in MYC, been flanked by YB (Centre), Mr. Tan Hin Seng BKT, PJK, Chairman of the Board (far left) and Bro. Peter K sg. (far right).