Facilitating the growth of trainees and empowering them to become well integrated and holistic individuals.
PCU Department provides the following:

  • Interviews for the new admission
  • Conducting retreats, and awareness camp sessions to develop self-awareness for the holistic well being of the trainees
  • Providing trainees with individual, group and family counselling
  • Reflecting on life issues and interpersonal relationship


Student Affairs Department is responsible for the home side activities such as welfare, discipline and the development of the trainees.

  • Ensuring the smooth running of the daily programme of the trainees
  • Organizing activities and motivational sessions
  • Leadership training programmes
  • Organizing outings and camps for the trainees
  • Orientation programmes
  • Prefectorial board
  • Spiritual development of individual faith
  • Cultivating tolerance of intercultural differences
  • Creating awareness for trainees and help them identify their strengths and potentials
  • Providing guidance for living skills