All trainees are required to attend classes in this department whereby lessons are conducted in English. Trainees sit for an aptitude test after which they will be streamed into classes according to their  proficiency in the English Language. The GS Department helps the trainees to improve their daily life conversation using varied teaching aids and methodology. Different learners (St. Louis Class) are given individual attention:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Arithmetic


Skills competition for students from the General Studies Department kicked off with a debate competition. There were also spelling bee, charades, chess competition and talent show where all the students irrespective of the department competed.

Some students performed traditional Malay song wearing traditional costumes.  The boys also presented sketches and dramas on the lives and values of Saints. The boys showcased excellent and high spirited competitiveness. Well done, boys!


All Year 1 and Year 2 students sat for English papers during this semester examination in the General Studies Department.  It is the first semester exams for Year 1 students.  Students were tested on grammar, comprehension, essay writing and vocabulary. Best wishes, boys!



The General Studies Department held a Play Role and SIR (Spell It Right) Competition for Year I and Year II students. The Year I students did Roll Play while Year II students competed in SIR. The students had competed a few weeks earlier between their English classes.

The finals was held on 17 June and the judges were Bro. Peter K sg., Bro. Robin D sg. and Ms. Theresa. Year I Role Play Champion was the Computer Maintenance students, who did the role play on Emergency Situation During A Robbery while the Champion for Year II SIR competition was Motor Mechanics students. Congratulations boys!


Semester examination was held from 4-10 October 2016. Students sat for their respective workshop theory and practical examinations.  All students sat for Basic Computer examination, International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and General Studies examinations i.e. English Language and Bahasa Malaysia.  For Batch 15 students, this was their 3rd semester examination and for the new students, Batch 16, this was their 1st semester examination.