The students in MYC are provided with full board and lodging throughout their 2-year programme and we are very much in need of funds to accommodate our operating costs which keep on escalating from year to year. It cost less than RM33 a day to sponsor one boy in MYC. Your support and kind consideration will ensure the continuation of our mission in helping these poor and underprivileged boys at our Centre.
The cost of sponsoring a student in MYC is as follows:-
Two Years (Full Course)         RM 24,000
One Year                                  RM 12,000
Half a Year                               RM   6,000
Quarter Year                           RM   3,000


The operational costs of running this Centre, comes to about RM1.2 million a year and most of donations received are from the public. Any form of assistance is deeply appreciated.  No amount is too little.  We are also very much in need of sponsors to ease the burden of our operational costs.  All donations to Montfort Youth Centre are tax-exempted.

Your assistance will give an opportunity to these boys to acquire a vocational skill and eventually become good citizens, earn a decent living in future hence the cycle of poverty will be eradicated through your charitable act.