Montfort Youth Centre (MYC) celebrated its Christmas and Year-End Celebration with a mass for all Christian/Catholic students, staff and guests. After mass, everyone proceeded to the Hall where the event was held which was beautifully decorated with Christmas tree and lights.
After all the guests had arrived Bro. Peter started the celebration by giving his speech and later followed by dinner. There was a variety of scrumptious Indian food such as tosai, idli, roti canai, putu mayam, chicken curry, hard-boiled egg curry, roasted lamb, etc were served to all the staff, guests and the students.Various performances and dances were performed by the students. The celebration ended with a gift exchange between staff and as for the guests and children, special gifts were given by Bro. Peter.It was a great day for all to get together to celebrate this joyous day.

MYC Deepavali Celebration 2019

MYC celebrated its very own version of Festival of Lights with all staff, friends and family members. The area was fully decorated with colorful decorations, “kolam” and lights. The celebration started with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony which denotes the triumph of good over evil. Later onwards, all the guests some delicious food and traditional cookies. Soon after dinner, MYC boys presented everyone there with some ecstatic performances. Overall, it was a wonderful celebration especially when it is celebrated with all of our friends and family.


Sports day is commonly celebrated in all institutions including in MYC. This day is respectfully dedicated for the students to display their exceptional talents in various sports disciplines. First, all the boys and staff were divided into their respective houses. Before the actual day, competitions for volley ball, tug of war, athletics, cross country run, basketball, and “sepak takraw” were conducted. The official winners for each sport will later compete with the staff on the actual day. The event day whereas started with March Past Competition among all the houses. After that, staff competed with the boys in sports like volleyball, “sepak takraw” and tug of war. Louis house emerged triumphantly as the winner for the March Past Competition displaying excellent creativity and remarkable uniformity and Xavier House won the overall sport’s day competition. A hearty congratulation for all the boys and staff for their amazing sportsmanship.



Mid-Autumn Festival is typically celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Few days before the celebration, the boys began to make their own lanterns. A brief video on the origin and purpose of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival was presented to all boys on the celebration day. Later, the boys brought their inventively made brilliant lanterns and strolled around MYC compound. To end the cultural festival, all the boys had some mooncakes thoughtfully given by our kind benefactors.


An awareness camp is arranged for all 2nd year students each year. This time, the boys from Batch 18 were brought to the Good Shepherd Seminary for 4 days to expose and comprehend them to the constructive side of counselling. All through these four days, various activities were orchestrated for the boys to participate. MYC gratefully thanks the Counsellors from Malacca-Johor Diocese for the valuable time and efforts rendered throughout the camp.


It was rather a short and sweet Merdeka Celebration this year. The boys rose up early in the morning to show their patriotism and sincere appreciation for the 62nd Merdeka Day by singing “NegaraKu” and also stated their “Rukun Negara” vows. Later that day, they enjoyed some meaningful activities conducted for them based on noble Nationalism theme. Overall, it was a great day to appreciate and be proud of our Nation.


Fear Factor is carefully organized for the boys to figure out how to conquer their fear and the key significance of mutual cooperation among their teammates. There were 12 intense challenges specially designed by the MYC staff to test the boys’ capability in overcoming fear and challenges. All the boys will be competing according to their houses and the house that completes all 12 challenges with the most limited time recorded will be crowned the champion. This year, Louis House rose triumphant by accounting the most limited time beating the rest of the houses with a tremendous difference in time recorded. Altogether, it was a thrilling day for all boys and staff.


It was the time of the year again for the 2nd year boys to bid farewell to MYC after they have successfully completed their studies. The event started with Brother Peter delivering his farewell speech to Batch 17 boys and wishing them the best for their future. After that, all the boys and staff were invited to enjoy a splendid dinner before moving on to the exciting part of the celebration. The 1st year boys organized a grand send off for their big brothers by decorating the roll-call area and presenting some heart-warming performances. All the 2nd year duty boys also received their appreciation certificates at the end of the celebration.


Yet again MYC is privileged to host a group of enthusiastic youths and teachers who arrived all the way from Singapore to visit MYC. They were first introduced to the history of MYC through a wonderful video and later were brought for a tour around Montfort area. The youths were extremely excited and asked many questions along the way. The youths performed some outstanding performances for the MYC boys and later they played some games together. Towards the end of the visit, the youths and the teachers from the school presented MYC with a token of appreciation for hosting them.


Batch 17 boys that graduated last June had their school leavers’ retreat in Golden Sand Baptist Assembly in Port Dickson along with Brother Peter and few staff. The purpose of this retreat was for the boys to look back at where they were at that moment and what they want to be in future. The sessions conducted were to prepare the boys to face the outside world after they had graduated. It was also designed to strengthen the boys both mentally and emotionally so that they will be able to survive in this competitive world independently. The boys also had tremendous fun swimming in the sea with their friends while reminiscing the memorable days they had together for 2 years.


All the staff of MYC were celebrated on 3 May 2019 with a staff day celebration. The day started with a short speech by Brother Peter thanking the staff for their contribution to the development of MYC. After that, a number of tele-matches were organized by the HQ prefects for the staff to play together with the boys. All staff and boys were later treated to delicious lunch and the boys gave the staff some beautifully handmade cards. Altogether, it was a wonderful and fun filled day for all the staff and boys of MYC.


The extraordinary life of St. Louis Marie de Montfort or equally known as The Feast Day of St. Louis is traditionally celebrated on 28th April of every year. This year, The Feast Day of St. Louis was held a day earlier, on 27 April 2019. A procession and mass for all Catholic and Christian staff were held soon after the Novena to the Little Crown. The commemoration of the life of St. Louis de Montfort ended with the boys reading the story of his amazing life journey followed by a fellowship dinner for all boys and staff.


Montfort Boys Town (MBT) and Montfort Youth Centre (MYC) came together for the first time and organized an inter-institutional skill, language competition and exhibition involving all the departments from MYC and MBT. Competitions were conducted for all the respective departments and boys from both MBT and MYC participated enthusiastically. The main objective of this event is to build relationship between the two institutions while putting the boys’ skills to test. Altogether, this indeed represents a successful collaboration and undoubtedly will become an annual event. Hearty congratulations to all the boys who have eagerly participated and won from both MBT and MYC.


It was the first Visiting Sunday for the year 2019. Parents or guardians of all the students came to meet the teachers and instructors so that they can get an update on the students’ academic and character formation progress. Some parents brought some delicious home cooked while others bought food for their children which they later enjoyed together. Bro. Peter in his thank you speech said, this is an invaluable opportunity for the parents to recognize the needs of their children and identify ways to further encourage them.


The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia took their time off from their busy schedule again to come to Montfort Youth Centre to conduct a fire drill session for this year. As the fire alarm rang, all the boys and staff immediately gathered at the emergency assembly area. Later, the officers briefed everyone on the safe method of using a fire extinguisher. The officers also conducted a short exercise with the boys and staff on how to properly extinguish a fire using a powder fire extinguisher in case of emergency. Altogether, it was a very informative fire drill session for both the boys and staff of MYC.


CIMB Bank Foundation was kind enough to fund Montfort Youth Centre’s Motor Mechanic Department to purchase some equipment for the students’ use. One of the purchased equipment was a 4-post alignment machine and it was officially launched by the Vice- President of CIMB Bank for Melaka and Johor North, Puan Rabi’ah Mohd Tahir and her team on 25 February 2019. Montfort Youth Centre staff and students convey our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of CIMB Foundation for their thoughtfulness.


A mass was held to commemorate MYC’s Chinese New Year celebration at 6.00 pm. After that, all the guests, staff, family members and MYC boys had a delicious dinner before moving on to the next set of amazing events planned specially to usher the new year. MYC’s very own lion dance troupe boys officiated the celebration with a traditional lion dance performance. It was a pleasure to watch how the “laughing Buddha” buddy teased the lions with a fan to make them perform and spread some good luck. Before that, Director of MYC, Bro. Peter K. sg., Board Member, Mr. Lawrence Prosper, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lim, together with MYC personnel “Lou Yee Sang” with joyful exclamations of “Loh Hey” (toss high). The significance of the tossing is to wish for abundant luck and happiness for all.The celebration further continued with some exciting performances by MYC boys from different houses and later, Bro. Peter and Mr. Lawrence gave away oranges and “ang pows” to all the guests, staff and boys of MYC.


A group of students and StudentAffair Officers from Montfort Boys’ Town (MBT), Shah Alam, came to MYC for 2 days to have a friendly match with the MYC boys. The students had anexquisite time playing games like basketball, football, volleyball and “sepak takraw” together.  It was also a great opportunity for the boys from both MYC and MBT to affiliate with one another besides sharing opinions. On the whole, this was a brilliant affair for all to gain from one another and have a ton of fun in well-disposed matches.


Like every other year, MagnumCares Team once again came to spread some Chinese New Year joy to MYC. Brother Peter accompanied Mr. Goh Sin Giin, the State Manager of ENE Melaka Sdn. Bhd., and his team to distribute  goody bags and  ang pow to each of the boys. The students were delighted to have receive an early Chinese New Year ang pow and brother took the opportunity to thank everyone from ENE Melaka SdnBhd for their wonderful initiative through MagnumCares.


“Pongal” is a traditional four days occasion, for giving thanks to nature and celebrating the life cycles that give us grain. This year, it was extra special, as all the staff and students joined hand to celebrate this joyous occasion. Few days before the event, the area was decorated with sugar-canes and mango leaves. The celebration started with the boiling of milk in new earthen pots. Once the milk boils over, all the boys were excited and shouted “Pongalo Pongal” which signified blessings received. “Pongal” or “Sweet Rice” was cooked and then presented to the sun with a short prayer. At the end of the celebration, all the boys and staff had the sweet “Pongal” together and had a wonderful time.


Christmas and Year End celebration have always been one of the most anticipated events in MYC. Preparation started earlier with the boys decorating MYC with lights and Christmas decorations. The celebration began with a thanksgiving mass followed by a scrumptious meal for all the guests to enjoy. The most memorable part of the celebration were the performances by the students and staff of MYC. All the donors and benefactors were fascinated by the amount of hard work MYC boys and staff put into their performances. The boys practiced seriously with the help of the staff so that they could show their appreciation to the donors and benefactors who came to make the event merrier.  Towards the end of the celebration, Bro. Peter gave out presents to all the children and students of MYC. Not forgetting, the staff and guests also exchanged gifts with each other in the spirit of Christmas. It was indeed a holy celebration and MYC wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


After weeks of decorating MYC with beautiful “Rangoli Kolams”, lights and flowers, the Festival of Light was celebrated in MYC on the 29 October 2018 by all the boys, staff and family members. All the boys were dressed in Indian traditional costumes, “Vesthi” and “Jippa” and looked amazing. The celebration started with the Hindu-class teacher, Mr Govind and his colleagues conducting a simple prayer with the Hindu boys before dinner. After that, Brother Peter, Mr Govind and few other staff officiated the celebration by lighting the lamps that signify illuminating the path in the darkness. Later, everyone had a splendid dinner and the boys treated all the guests with some amazing performances.  The Deepavali celebration ended with Mr Michael, one of the MYC staff, rendering a beautiful Hindu devotional song.


It has been almost six months since MYC boys met their parents. MYC held its second visiting Sunday on 21 October 2018 for the parents to meet their children’s coordinators and also Brother Peter to discuss the boys’ current academic and character formation progress. Parents came early and also brought some delectable home cooked food for them to have together after the sessions with the coordinators. Brother Peter thanked all those who came and it was indeed a happy moment for all.


It was a long weekend as it was the Malacca Governor’s Birthday on 12 October 2018. Since it was a public holiday and the boys have no class, the Students’ Affair Department come up with a fun activity for the boys to display their talents. The boys were given a task to dress their friends using only newspaper as creative as they can. It was fun to watch the boys dressing their friends with different kinds of traditional attire which were wholly made of paper. Kudos to all the boys who took part and completed the given task sportively.


The much-awaited Annual Sports Day event was held on Thursday, 11th October 2018, with great zeal, excitement and sportive atmosphere. Prior to that, all boys and staff were divided into their respective houses first. Generally, sports such as “sepak takraw”, volleyball and tug of war are carried out a month before the actual day and the winners will compete with the staff on sports day. This year’s sports day started off with impressive March Past competition among the houses. The teams were judged based on their presentation, creativity and uniformity and Jude House emerged victorious while Louis House claimed the overall champion title for this year’s MYC Sports Day. To all the boys and staff, congratulations and well done for the high-spirited sportsmanship.


MYC held its cross-country run on 28 September 2018, Friday evening.  It was a sunny day and the boys were getting ready by doing some warm-up exercises. Staff were stationed on each route point to ensure the safety of the runners. The top ten winner’s points will later be added together on sports day to determine the overall champion.  Everyone tried their best and no one gave up! Congratulations to our top 10 winners and it is no easy feat running the cross country.


This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in moderation by MYC boys with Brother Peter K. The celebration began a week before when the boys started making their own lanterns. On the festive day, a video presentation was shown depicting the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival. Later that night, the boys brought their creatively made bright lanterns and walked around the vicinity of MYC. To end the celebration, the boys had mooncakes specially donated by our kind donors. It is indeed a great experience to learn and cherish the cultural diversity of Malaysia.


MYC has been always blessed with a lot of good-hearted donors who constantly contribute something to the boys. Recently, a group of 4 staff from Hatten Hotel brought some mooncakes for all the boys and staff of MYC. They were first briefed on the mission and vision of MYC and later were brought to meet Brother Peter, the Director of Montfort. After that, a representative from Hatten distributed mooncakes together with Brother Peter to all the boys. MYC would like to thank Hatten for their kindness and love shown to MYC.


Each year, 2nd-year boys will attend an awareness camp for four days in Good Shepherd Seminary accompanied by a students’ affair officer. This year, Batch 17 were there to learn about self-awareness and understand the positivity of counselling. Throughout these four days, a number of exciting activities were arranged for the boys to participate. Thank you to the Counselors from Malacca-Johor Diocese for the time and effort contributed to our boys.


This year marks 61 years of independence for our beloved country, Malaysia. MYC boys showed their respect and patriotism by rising early to sing our national anthem “Negaraku” and also to say their “Rukun Negara” pledges. Earlier, the boys also took part in drawing competition where the boys need to come up with a logo commemorating 61st Independence Day. On Merdeka Day, MYC boys took part in a “Jom Lari” event organized by MPKK Ayer Salak while others become volunteers. Congratulations to all the “Jom Lari” participants especially MYC boys.


Fear Factor is an event which brings 12 tough challenges for the boys to go through together with their teammates. The objectives of this event are for the boys to learn to overcome their fears and the importance of teamwork. Each team will be divided according to their houses and the house that finishes all 12 challenges with the shortest time recorded will be the champion.  This year, Jude emerged victorious by recording the shortest time beating all the other houses with a huge difference. It was indeed a fun and engaging day for all the students and staff.


Founders’ Day is traditionally a very important day in MYC’s calendar and this year we had the Founders’ Day celebration on the 3rd of August. An atmosphere of celebration filled Montfort Youth Centre when the students and staff gathered to celebrate the Founders’ Day which was commemorated with a mass by Father Danny. The students and staff of MYC would like to congratulate Bro. Peter K sg. and Bro. Robin D sg. on this 17th year anniversary of Founders’ Day and we hope MYC is continued to be blessed.


Students and staff of Montfort Youth Centre (MYC) were invited by Multimedia University (MMU) to join a charity event organized by them. Around 39 students and 19 staff joined in the gala event which was held in Equatorial Hotel on 12 July 2018. The guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner along with some video presentation and performances. Towards the end of the event, all the MYC boys received “duit raya” and MMU also presented some cash donation to MYC. We would like to thank Mr. Mohd Ariff the organizer of the event, and also MMU for their kindness and love expressed to our boys.


MYC boys joined the Blood Donation Campaign organized by JPR Ayer Salak on 22 July 2018 at Balai Raya Ayer Salak. For most of them, it was their first experience although some boys have already donated before. To be an eligible donor, one should be aged 18 – 60, weigh at least 45kg and most importantly must be in good physical and mental health with no chronic medical illness. The boys had their physical examined and blood tested before being able to donate. After they have finish donating, all the donors were given a goody bag together with food and a drink. Blood is a precious gift that saves human lives and blood donation is a remarkable noble act of service to humanity. MYC boys have proven themselves to be kind-hearted and full of love.


Montfort Youth Centre organized a session, based on the Migrant workers and Refugees issues in our country. Joachim Francis Xavier, a professional lawyer from Kuala Lumpur was invited to give the session to the staff and students of Montfort Youth Centre. He was explaining more about the nature of work that the migrant workers are doing in Malaysia and their rights as employees in Malaysia. Few questions were raised to him about the migrants and the lawyer answered those questions professionally. There were many sharing and activities for the staff and students to participate, so that they could understand the session better.


MYC’s 1st year boys had the opportunity to get hands on training on tire related maintenance such as balancing, fixing and etc. There were 7 representatives including the Regional Director of Michelin Malaysia, Mr. Pascal Nouvellon who came down to present the theoretical and practical training. Prior to the training, Michelin Malaysia has donated few tires and rims for the training purpose besides presenting all the boys with goodie bags at the end of the training. MYC would like to thank Michelin for their kind gesture and love shown to our students.


Batch 16 boys will finally graduate and leave MYC to pursue their future undertakings after 2 years of hard work and determination. To celebrate their success, a School Leavers’ Retreat was held in Montfort Youth Centre with all the 2nd year batch 16 boys, together with Students’ Affair staff and Brother Director. The activities designed were to prepare them for a brand-new life after MYC. They were thought on how to be resilient during any adversities that they may face in their working life besides how to be independent and confident in whatever they do. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the activities and it would be a moment that will be forever engraved in their hearts.


This time around, School Leavers’ Night and Hari Raya Celebration was held together. It was an occasion for the 2nd year boys to get together and also to bid farewell to MYC upon their graduation.  Year 1 students gave some memorable performances to show their appreciation to their Big Brothers who took care of them when they initially came to MYC. Besides that, Bro Peter also gave them some words of wisdom and enlivened the boys. Certificate of appreciation was presented to all the Year 2 Special Duty boys such as Bakery Boys, Plant Boys & etc for their hard works. The guests were treated to a delicious traditional Malay food. Brother Peter also wished all the Muslim staff and their family members a “Selamat Hari Raya”.


Parents, guardians and family members arrived early for the first Visiting Sunday for the year 2018. Parents and guardians got the opportunity to meet up with Bro. Director, teachers and staff to talk about the boys’ academic and character formation progress. The boys were happy to meet their family members and have home cooked food after a long time. Bro. Peter also thanked the parents and guardians who came from far and near for this event.


The Feast Day of St. Louis was held on the 28th of April 2018 to commemorate the life St. Louis Marie de Montfort. The day started with a short quiz for all the boys followed by Novena to the Little Crown. After that, procession and mass for all Catholic and Christian staff and students were held. The celebrations closed with a fellowship lunch for all the students and staff. Prior to the feast day celebration, a Triduum was held.


Work Readiness Program organised by Soroptimist International Damansara (SID) in MYC was held for a week to equip our 2nd year Batch 16 students with basic employability skills, knowledge and work ethics. They have to sit for an exam set by the Vocational Resource Centre, after which they were given a completion certificate presented by the chairperson of the program; Ms. Kalavathy. We thank the trainers for the time spent for our students.


Students of MYC cooked a variety of foods for dinner and it was finger- licking good. They cooked Chinese, Indian and Western food and there were plenty of choices to eat. The students had great and fun moments as they were dancing and singing after the dinner. Some of the MYC students are good cooks and we hope to taste their food again and feel “bon appétit”.


Eucharistic adoration is a practice in the Catholic church, in which the Blessed Sacrament is adored by the faithful. This practice is done when the Eucharist is exposed. Adoration is a sign of devotion to and worship of Jesus Christ, who is believed by Catholics to be present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, under the appearance of the consecrated host, that is, sacramental bread. Catholic boys of MYC took part in the 24 hours’ prayer in St. Mary’s Church. It was great for the students to spend time with Jesus.


Mr. Martin Jalleh, who is a motivational speaker, came to MYC to give a 2-day Talk to the students and staff. He shared many realistic challenges that the students might face in future and also shared few tips to overcome them. Students of MYC thoroughly enjoyed his jokes and messages. He also enlightened the staff on how to motivate the students and handle difficult situations in a diplomatic way. He also helped the staff of MYC to have a good bond among themselves. All these will encourage and motivate the staff to work more enthusiastically.


The MYC’s Lion Dance troupe performed an amazing performance and stunts to begin the celebration. Then, Brother Peter K, Director of MYC, Mr. Lawrence Prosper, board member of MYC, Mr. Anthony Lim, volunteer of MYC, Mrs. Anthony Lim,  Fr. Cyril, parish priest of St. Francis Xavier Church, Malacca and staff of MYC happily “Lou Yee Sang” to have good fortune in 2018. Students performed exciting performances and they were superb.  Lastly, Brother Peter and Mr. Lawrence distributed “ang pow” and oranges to everyone present.


Hindu staff and students celebrated Pongal Festival at MYC.  Pongal festival is a festival of thanksgiving for a good harvest of grains.    A fire place was set up to boil the pot of rice with milk. The students had earlier prepared a Kolam and tied sugar canes near the fire place. Pongal means “to boil” hence the boiling over of the rice and milk mixture is an anticipation of a good Pongal.


It was another much awaited-for event of the year; the Christmas and year-end celebration. The stage and celebration hall were decorated with lights and Christmas-colours of green and red.  Students, guided by their teachers, had practiced hard every day prior to the event. They wanted to give their best to show their gratitude to the donors and benefactors who were present as guests.  The Christmas play was the highlight of the evening with the choir backing up the play with Christmas Hymns and carols while the guests, staff and students were enjoying their dinner. Guests and staff were mesmerised by each Nativity scene.  All the departments participated in different performances.  It was indeed a night of good tidings as Bro. Peter gave out package of sweets to each child and all the students received a little gift each too.  MYC wishes all, Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year!


A talk on filtration system at MYC was attended by staff and students.   Various masks for protection against dust, smoke, chemicals, fibres, bacteria & viruses and etc. were shown.    The speaker explained the nature of contaminant and when to change the filter. The wrong type of mask used will not be able to filter even the finest of dust particle or protect against the hazardous chemical inhalation. It was an eye opener to understand about the different usage of various masks for the importance of proper respiratory protection.


ENE Melaka Sdn. Bhd. held its Award Presentation Ceremony in MYC on 10th November 2017.  The award known as Magnum Cares Academic Motivation Award 2017 were awarded to 12 students and a staff. Six students were awarded Top Student Award and another six students received the Most Improved Student Award.  Magnum Cares also awards the Most Caring Teacher to a staff.  Congratulations to the students and staff of MYC! Well done!


A friendly match was held between students of MYC and students of Montfort Boys’ Town (MBT) in MBT, Shah Alam for three days accompanied by a Student Affairs Officer.  The students played basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and football.  The prefects from MBT & MYC took the chance to fellowship with one another and exchanged ideas.  It was a wonderful experience for the students to learn from each other and have fun in the friendly match.


Preparation for Deepavali celebration started earlier as the students decorated Kolam and made decorations out of coconut leaves.  The roll-call area was brightly lighted up with lights and decorated for the celebration, depicting truly the Festival of Lights. Hindu-class teacher, Mr. Govin and his team led the Hindu students in prayers.  Celebration begun with Bro. Director and Mr. Govin lighting up the lamps followed by dinner.  After everyone had the sumptuous dinner, the students from all the four Houses participated in presentations. The night of celebration ends with the giving out of packages of various Mithai or sweet desserts to all our guests and staff, symbolic of the sweet occasion.  Happy Deepavali to all!


Prefects underwent leadership training by Bro. Director and Students Affairs Officers over a weekend.  These are Year 2 students who will set a good example in leading fellow students. Prefects are to be respectful whether they are interacting with fellow students, workshop instructors or staff.  The training helped them to be aware of MYC’s rules and regulations, hence they will be able to live up to it and enforce it as they guide their fellow students.  This is such a privilege for them to have an early taste of leadership and the accompanying responsibilities.  The prefects were also trained to organize activities and to encourage fellow students to participate.


Students had a simple celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival with SA and Bro. Peter K.  A video presentation of the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival was shown.  Earlier in the week, the students had made their own lanterns.  They were all smiles as they carried their brightly lit lanterns while strolling in the vicinity of MYC under the full moon.  After the stroll, they hanged their lanterns on the tree till the candles died off. As according to tradition, the head of the family would cut the mooncakes to distribute to each family members signifying family reunion.  The moon-gazing night ends with all the students enjoying mooncakes cut by Brother Director and HR Ms. Theresa.  We thank the generous donor for the delicious varieties of mooncakes which the students enjoyed eating together as Montfort family.


The much anticipated Sports Day 2017 was another exciting event for both staff and students. Generally, a month of preparation precedes the day. Prior to the event, all the staff and students were divided into four Houses and respective sports groups. The matches began after their workshop. The winners then will compete with the staff on the Sports Day in volleyball, sepak takraw and tug of war.  MYC Sports Day 2017 started off with a March Past competition. Teams marched in formation and were judged on factors such as timing, arm-leg swing and presentation.  Congratulations to Louis House for being the champion of the Marching Team. The overall champion of MYC Sports Day 2017 was bagged by Anthony House.  Well done and congratulations to the staff and students for participating in the spirit of good sportsmanship.


Personnel from the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK) gave a talk on anti-drugs to the staff and students.  It was an eye opener to listen to one with a vast knowledge of the subject.  After the talk, the students participated in Q&A and some of the students won themselves an AADK cap each for their participation.  Both staff and students took time to view the posters of images on the devastating effects of drugs. There was also a showcase of various drugs exhibited as an educational   object.


It was an adrenaline rush as all the students competed in the cross-country around the neighbourhood of MYC in Ayer Salak. Staff was waiting and watching over at every point along the route to ensure their safety.  Ten winners clocked in the fastest at the finishing line.  Win or lose, every student was happy to participate in the cross-country.  Well done boys! Truly a Montfortian-spirit to MYC’s slogan, “I must, I can, Montfort Youth!”


2nd Year students (Batch 16) and a student affair officer stayed at the Good Shepherd Seminary for a 4-day Awareness Camp.  The sessions helped the students to be self-aware and this encouraged them to be open when sharing their feelings.  Outdoor games and morning exercise were part of the itinerary during the camp. The sessions were conducted by Counselors from Malacca-Johor Diocese. We thank the counsellors for their time and kindness to make a trip to the Seminary to be with the students.


1ST Year students rose early to sing patriotically the national anthem, “Negara Ku” on Merdeka Day.  There were various activities to compete among the Houses throughout the day.  To end the celebration, the students participated in singing competition.  Each House had earlier chosen their Merdeka songs followed by the Montfort song for the competition.  The judges gave points for vocal, lyrics, synchronisation, tune and confidence.  The overall winners will be announced during the Sports Day as all the points were accumulated and added together during the matches they had participated in earlier.


There were 12 fear factor challenges for the four Houses to compete.  All the students participated with strong team spirit.  Every team member encouraged each other to complete the challenges. Some of the boys were having difficulties to overcome their fear on particular challenge but with the help of their teammates cheering them on, they were able to finish well.  Every team was given a water balloon to hold with them as they go through all the 12 challenges. A penalty of 2 minutes will be added to their finishing time if they break the balloons.  Congratulations to all the students for a good sportsmanship and cheers to the champion, Xavier House for completing with the fastest clock-in time at the finishing line.


It was a night to bid farewell to Batch 15 students as they will be leaving MYC upon their graduation.  Bro. Director gave words of advice and encouragement to the leavers in his speech.  The Year 1 students gave their performances to show their gratitude to their Big Brothers for looking after them during their initial stay in MYC.  All the Year 2 Special Duty boys were presented with certificates in appreciation of their tireless effort as Bakery Boys, Plant Boys etc.


School leavers Batch 15 and four staff together with Brother Director were in Marist Champagnat Youth Centre, Port Dickson for school leavers’ retreat.  Soon the students will graduate and leave MYC for another chapter of their lives.  The sessions during the retreat were geared at preparing them for life after MYC.  The school leavers were attentive during the sessions, “soaking” in every session and having fun soaking themselves in the waters too during the free time.


It was an adventurous weekend for Year 1 and Year 2 students pitching up their tents for an outdoor camping experience.  The students cooked their own meals and had stored water for their outdoor shower in the make-shift shower cubicles.  All the students took part in the outdoor activities organised by the prefects. The flying fox was a challenge but team spirit was displayed as theybravely pushed themselves to complete from one end to the other.  With determination, the students successfully passed the test of adaptability with only basic necessities.


It is a common sight to behold, if one walks in to MYC on a weekend.  MYC’s very own bakery boys baking buns, cakes or cookies for breakfast, tea and supper. The boys were personally trained by Brother Director. Year 2 boys are now well experienced in baking and they will in turn, train the Year 1 boys.  Besides being skilled in the field they are trained in their respective workshops in MYC, some students picked up bakery too. Earlier in the day, the boys had prepared the dough and patiently waited for it to rise.  When the dough is ready, the bakery boys roll them with fillings. Every dough was weighed meticulously for the precise dough-weight. It is a much-awaited-for “weekend treats” as the students enjoyed the cookies, moist cakes and fluffy buns with rich brown tops freshly baked by MYC’s own bakery-boys!


Through the kindness of Mr. Lawrence Prosper, MYC Board member, DSP V. Gunasegaran, Head of Crime Prevention and Officers from the Police Department were at MYC to give a talk on Community Crime Prevention to the staff and students of MYC.  The Officers provided shocking statistics and created great awareness to all present.


The Feast Day of St. Louis was celebrated together with Staff Day on the 28th of April,2017. The day started with Mass for all Catholic and Christian staff and students in the morning, followed by skits from different Houses.  The students acted out the values caught on the life of St. Louis de Montfort.  After the break, staff and students celebrated Staff’s Day by having tele-match organised by HQ prefects.  The weather was uninviting but it was a good time to interact with the students sweating it out in games under the mid-morning sun.  After the games, each teacher and staff was presented with a handmade-card done by the students themselves.  Every staff received a little gift in appreciation for their tireless effort to teach/work among the students in MYC. The celebrations closed with a fellowship lunch.


MYC boys and boys from Bachang Holy Rosary Solidarity (BCHRS) had a friendly match over a weekend. It was indeed “A Clash of the Titans” match as both teams played equally well and finishes off strong. The teams ended their match with good fellowship and sharing their experiences with each other about their favourite sports


50 students will be graduating on 18 June and some of the school leavers had sought MYC to help them look for jobs. Companies who were keen to employ the fresh graduates participated in conducting the interview sessions at MYC. All the students who attended the various interviews held by different companies were offered jobs.  We thank the employers for their trust in our education system and wish the students all the best.


It was a weekend of outdoor cooking for all the Four Houses.  The boys had earlier informed the Student Affairs Officers on the groceries needed for their cooking.  Ingredients for their menu were bought for them and the boys prepared and cooked several dishes each House.  The dishes turn out well as it certainly wasn’t in the case of “too many cooks spoil the broth”.  They were very creative naming their dishes like “Telur Sambal Meletup” referring to spicy eggs.  Their culinary skills resulted in sumptuous meals shared with all the boys. Bon Appetite!


A Personal Fitness Trainer was in MYC to teach the students on the right way to exercise. He began by giving advice on proper diet and how to use the different gym equipment available. He made-do with gym equipment at MYC, which were donated by kind donors. The students  were very interested with how to keep fit and the session went on to a time for “Q & A”.  With proper guidance and knowledge now, the students would be able to make full use of the equipment. We thank the trainer for sweating out with the students!


The evening of MYC Chinese New Year celebration started with Mass at 6 p.m.  The lion dance troupe then performed an energetic movement with précised balance on a make-shift steps.  It was a delight to watch the “lion lad” teasing the two “lions” to get them to perform.   After the lion dance had completed their exciting stunts, Director of MYC, Bro. Peter K. sg., Board Member, Mr. Lawrence Prosper, his wife, and MYC staff “Lou Yee Sang” in cheerful spirits of the New Year. The tossing of the Yee Sang is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Dinner followed after that and performances by the students from different Houses.  The MYC Chinese New Year celebration ends with Bro. Peter and Mr. Lawrence giving all present, oranges and ang pow.  Indeed, it was a “prosperous” night for all present and A Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to all!


Chinese New Year comes early for MYC when MagnumCares Team brought festive cheers to MYC.  The State Manager of ENE Melaka Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Goh Sin Giin and the Sales Partners were present, accompanied by YB Datuk Lim Ban Hong, Exco Pengangkutan, Pemulihan Projek Dan Perdagangan Antarabangsa, and the     JKKK Kg. Baru Ayer Salak, Mr. Lim Chen Hong BKT.  Bro. Peter K. sg., Director of MYC, thanked ENE Melaka Sdn. Bhd. for extending MagnumCares to the students of MYC.  It was an honour to hear YB Datuk Lim Ban Hong giving a speech on the coming festive season and his words of advice to the students.  The students were very happy to receive a goody bag and an ang pow each.


Pongal Festival was celebrated at MYC by the Hindu students.   Pongal is a four-day harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India and is one of the most important and popular Hindu festivals of the year.  This festival of thanksgiving to nature takes its name from the Tamil word meaning “to boil” and is held in the month of Thai (January-February) during the season when rice and other cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential ingredient in Tamil cooking) are harvested. Here, in MYC, the students had prepared a Kolam, and all the ingredients needed for Pongal.  Sugar canes were tied up and placed near the Kolam.  A fire place was set up to boil the pot of rice with milk.  Prayers were offered and it was a good Pongal when it boils over.


This is the time students show their appreciation to the Brothers, staff and benefactors by giving their best in their performances.  The evening started with thanksgiving mass followed by dinner.  The performance started with cantata by choir boys and those who heard them were mesmerized. The appearance of Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus and angels added interesting variety to the cantata.  It was an evening of colourful lights and beautiful decors all over the stage. Other performances by the students of different Houses and Departments over dinner were dances and Christmas songs.  Bro. Peter K sg. gave out gifts to children and all the students while staff exchanged gifts.  The guests too exchanged gifts as Christmas reminds all that the true Gift or Present is actually Jesus Himself.


11 November 2016 – Bosch Malaysia visited MYC as part of their Family Day programme. They were welcomed by MYC Lion Dance followed by speeches by Bro. Peter K sg. Director of MYC, and Bosch Managing Director, Mr. Simon Song.  A video presentation on the mission of MYC was shown.  Then Bro. Peter and MYC staff gave them a tour of MYC.  A mini tele-match was held and champions competed with each other in tug of war.  Winners were presented with goodie bags.  A sumptuous buffet lunch was sponsored by Bosch which was served in the workshop hall.  Students and MYC staff sat among the Bosch family. Group photos were taken before they bid farewell. The students gave a presentation by singing a “Thank You” song.
We thank Bosch Malaysia for the gifts they brought and their love shared to our students.


A friendly match was held between students of MBT and MYC for two days at MYC. The students got to know each other, exchanged ideas and played volleyball, sepak takraw, football and basketball.  They had a good time chatting, laughing and teasing each other.  We thank God for the fine weather which contributed to the success of the programme.  The students look forward to more of such get-together programmes in the near future.


Parents or guardians of students came to MYC for meeting-up-sessions with Director of MYC, Bro. Peter K sg., teachers and staff.  The parents or guardians discussed on the students’ academic and self-development progress.  Most parents brought along home cooked food for their children and some of them shared their food with the other students too.  Bro. Peter said, it was a good time to meet parents or guardians to know their predicaments so that we can work together towards the holistic development of these youth.


Students of Montfort Junior School, Singapore visited MYC, accompanied by their teachers.  Bro. Peter K Sg. took them around MYC for a tour and the students watched a video on the mission of MYC.  The students were very active and asked many questions.  They were happy to be able to contribute to the mission, donating bags of rice, bottles of oil and packets of Milo. We thank them for their act of kindness.



Magnum Cares Academic Motivation Award 2016 held its Award Presentation Ceremony in MYC on 18 November, 2016.  Three students were awarded Top Student Award and Four students received the Most Improved Student Award.  Magnum Cares also awards the Most Caring Teacher to a staff.  Congratulations to the students and staff of MYC! Well done!


A fire drill was held in MYC conducted by the Fire Department, Tangga Batu.  Students and staff gathered at the Emergency & Fire Assembly Point upon hearing the sound of siren. The firemen gave a short lecture and commented on the fire evacuation process. Later a demonstration was held on how to use the fire extinguishers and staff and students tried to put off the fire.



Semester examination was held from 4-10 October 2016. Students sat for their respective workshop theory and practical examinations.  All students sat for Basic Computer examination, International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and General Studies examinations i.e. English Language and Bahasa Malaysia.  For Batch 15 students, this was their 3rd semester examination and for the new students, Batch 16, this was their 1st semester examination.


The MYC sports was a month of field challenges with the four Houses competing in various games. The MYC sports also includes a cross-country run with the top 10 winners adding points to their Houses.  The winning teams then competed with the staff on the Sports Day. 21 October began with marching competition, tug of war and volleyball matches.  The students yelled and clapped in support for their team members.  The staff won the tug of war match, while the boys won the volleyball game.  It was a well deserved winning and a day of victory for Xavier House, the overall Champion.  Congratulations to all the boys for participating in the spirit of good sportsmanship.


12-14 November 2016 – The Superior General of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, Bro. John Kallarackal, spent three days with MYC students, staff, the Brothers and Board members.  It was three precious days of learning and catching on his passion for teaching and instilling values. Bro. John gave a dynamic message during the morning assembly to the students that their success depends on their attitude, to have determination and be disciplined. During the staff meeting, Bro. John encouraged the staff to have initiative, compassion, be selfless and dedicated to the welfare of the students.  He reminded us that “values are caught and not taught”.  We left the meeting room blessed with nuggets of his words of wisdom.  Superior General Bro. John bids farewell after having lunch with us.  We are grateful for Superior General’s words of wisdom, may the Lord keep him safe as he travels far and wide sharing his life selflessly.  Here is a man who walks his talk and encourages us to do the same.


It was weeks of early preparation for the staff and students in decorating the school with lighted oil lamps and the hall for the Deepavali celebration.  The boys were artistic in trying their hands on a Kolam.  On the evening of 25 October, Deepavali celebration began with prayers for the Hindu students, then all proceeded to the hall for the evening’s celebration.  Bro. Peter K sg., Director of Montfort Youth Centre wished all Hindu staff, students and donors a happy and blessed Deepavali, while encouraging the students to follow the path of Light. The Hindu teacher, Mr. Vicky, gave a brief explanation on the meaning of the Festival of Lights before dinner. A video presentation on how Deepavali originated was shown during dinner. It was a night of fantastic dance performances by the students of each House.


The 4-day awareness session was held for students who are in their 2nd year.  The objective of the session is to bring awareness as well as to encourage the students to be more open to share their feelings and to recognize counseling, in a positive manner.  This programme, done yearly for the students as they enter their 2nd year, has brought a positive approach among the students towards counseling.


On 15 September, after dinner, MYC was in darkness… but the environment was awesome, with more than 100 brightly lit lanterns!  The students had earlier made their own lanterns and hang them all over the school, waiting excitedly for the festival day to light them up.  They are very creative; designing their own lanterns in all kinds of shapes and sizes and using different kinds of recycled materials ….and of course the mid-autumn festival is incomplete without the moon cakes!   We thank our donor for the fantastic moon cakes.  The students really enjoyed them which come in various flavours, including durian and chocolate moon cakes!.

Cultural celebrations are celebrated in MYC to educate the students towards cultural awareness and appreciation, for the youths’ holistic development.


All students participated in the 10 fear factor challenges, by their Houses. Jude House completed their challenge in 19.05 minutes but faced a penalty of 3 minutes.  Despite that, they were the champion, beating the runner-up by 16 seconds.  The third group completed in 23.28 minutes while the last group finished the challenge in more than 30 minutes. A 3 minute penalty was imposed for breaking an egg which each team were supposed to return back as good as when they started the challenge. Congratulations to all boys who played with full spirit of teamwork.


5 secondary students and 2 Yamaguchi Prefecture Local Government Officers from the Intercultural Department visited MYC as their intercultural programme and also to observe the work of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV), Mr. Jun Ishiyama.

They were on a tour to visit Historical Malacca to study the culture, people and customs.  Our second year students from Computer Maintenance Department gave a Power Point presentation on the Malaysian people i.e the races, traditional food, musical instruments, clothing and dances among others.  The Japanese students, before their presentation, had gone to put on their kimono.  The sweet and petite girls then presented the Japanese culture i.e. the traditional festivals, games and food.  They were later treated to an awesome Malaysian food; the nasi lemak from MYC’s very own kitchen and coconut water, the product of MYC too.  Though they commented that the sambal was hot, they really enjoyed the spicy food.


This year (2016) Montfort Youth Centre (MYC) is 15 years old!  Mass was celebrated to commemorate this special day.  We congratulate the Founders; Bro. Peter K sg. and Bro. Robin D sg. on this blessed day.  Throughout these fifteen years, many youths have benefited from the MYC programme.  This day was made more meaningful when Bro. Peter received a message from an ex-student from Batch 2, congratulating the two Brothers on Founders’ Day and thanking them for forming him to be a good Montfortian and to face life positively and responsibly as a skilled worker, son, husband and father.

This special day was also made memorable with the opening of the St. Louis Library by Bro. Peter K sg., Director of MYC.  Six librarians were installed as the first librarians of MYC.  Bro. Peter K sg., in his speech thanked Mr. & Mrs. John for helping to kick-start the library and for teaching the librarians the Dewey Decimal Classification system.  He also thanked the staff from the General Studies Department and the librarians for their hard work.  He specially thanked an anonymous donor who had donated an amount of money, which was used to buy the furniture and fittings for the library.  In his speech, he encouraged the students to make good use of the library, to take care of the books and to have the good habit of reading.

Bro. Peter K sg. also took the opportunity to wish all Muslim staff and their family members a Selamat Hari Raya.  Later all staff and students had a Hari Raya get together.


An in-house food bazaar was held on 23 July 2016 among the boys of Batch 15.  Each House cooked and sold some food and drinks; such as popiah, roti canai, noodles, nasi lemak, burger, satay, teh tarik, air bandung etc.  They have to purchase the food they want with coupons.  It was such a fun evening and the boys really enjoyed themselves cooking, promoting their food and trying out food from different Houses. Such event was held to encourage creativity and team work, as well as instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship among the boys.


Batch 14 & Batch 15 had a good time during their in-house camping from 10-12 June 2016. After their Friday workshop, the boys pitched their tents according to their Houses, in the school compound. Some others got firewood started to prepare dinner. The next morning, after a briefing by the trainers they were enjoying the flying fox activity. Some however, were having shaky legs and dizziness while taking the challenge, but they all did it! There were various other challenging activities held and they all played with full spirit, supporting members of their team. They had a gala night later with each House presenting an item. The boys are really creative; some sang, some danced and some performed drama. The camping ended the next day after a session with the Bro. Director and the boys sharing their experience.
The photos show Bro. Peter K sg., Director of MYC, lending a hand to pitch one of the tents, boys cooking using firewood, the briefing before the flying fox activity, a boy enjoying the flying fox and one of the dramas on the gala night.


During the Chinese New Year holidays, the students were given holiday assignments for their Houses.  Every House was given a different topic i.e.
Family Values, Gangsterism, Smoking and Boy-Girl Relationship.

The assignments were presented by the Houses when they get back.  The students were very creative in their presentations, showing off their talents and ideas.  A competition on the School song was also held to encourage the students to know the School song by heart.

Overall champion was Anthony House who won themselves a picnic and a lunch treat as their prize!

Congratulations to all the Houses for their excellent performances!

cny holiday assignment
Fr. Paul, the parish priest visited and presented Ang Pow to all boys and staff


The in-house celebration began with a thanksgiving mass and later the boys, staff and volunteers had dinner together. After the dinner, all adjourned to the roll call area for lion dance and other performances by the boys. The event ended with the Brothers giving oranges and ang pows to all.

The picture on the right shows Fr. Paul Wong from St. Mary’s Church, Ayer Salak and the PPC Chairman taking a group photo with the boys after giving them ang pows. We thank them for sharing their love with the boys.



25 boys went to Gardenia for an industrial visit and later visited MBT and had lunch there.  We thank Bro. Peter Issac sg. for his hospitality.


Parent’s Day

After the semester examination, parents, family members and guardians came to MYC, to meet the teaching staff, officers and the Brothers.  Later the students have lunch with their family members.



The workshop was conducted by Mr. Samuel Selvaraju.  He spoke about Wisdom and how to apply Wisdom in the daily challenges in one’s life.


After workshop on Friday, the boys took their bags  from their respective dormitories and gathered in the area near the Brothers’ Quarters.  By Houses, they started to pitch their tents, while other members gathered firewood to start  fire for cooking.  The next day, they competed by their Houses in challenging rope activities and in the evening, they had a gala dinner.  The camping ended with an evaluation on Sunday  afternoon.  Though tired, the boys enjoyed themselves and strengthen their bond especially among their team members.


As usual, MYC Sports takes a whole month to complete with boys playing against their Houses in various games such as volleyball, sepak takraw, etc. The winning team gets to compete with the staff on the event day. This year the champion  trophy for MYC Sports 2015 goes to Louis House!

Congratulations boys!


This is a yearly event, organized to build the team spirit of the boys as they compete between their Houses.  This is the time when they show each other how important each and everyone in their team is, by giving strong encouragement and team support especially for those who fear or finds difficulty in completing a particular challenge.  The champion for this year’s MYC Fear Factor is Anthony House!

Congratulations boys!