Despite the ongoing Covid pandemic, the boys did not forget their responsibility as a citizen of Malaysia and celebrated our 63rd Merdeka Celebration with much enthusiasm. They woke up early to sing the national anthem “Negaraku” and to say their “Rukun Negara” pledges. Later, they had some “Merdeka” themed activities that teaches them the true meaning of national unity.


It’s the end for Batch 18 boys here in MYC and it’s time to say their goodbyes. Before they left, a short in-house retreat was held for these boys from 5th to 6th August due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The objective of this retreat was for them to live in the moment while preparing themselves for the outside world. Although the boys did not get to go out for their retreat, they still enjoyed themselves very much. This year’s Leavers’ Retreat was a very simple yet meaningful affair. The following day, MYC decided to celebrate the graduating boys with a simple Leavers’ Lunch. The boys received their special duty certificates and Bro. Peter K. thanked them for all their hard work during their two years in MYC in his special farewell speech.


Cooking is a fun way to release stress after a tiring day. MYC students embraced this opportunity to prepare some of their favourite cuisines, like fried chicken, “satay”, curries and other condiments. Later that night, they enjoyed their delicious home cooked food while performing some dance numbers. The boys undoubtedly had a wonderful day and proved themselves to be excellent cooks.


The festive mood was in the air as the boys started decorating the compound with Chinese lanterns and hanging decorations to welcome the Lunar New Year. The joyous celebration started with the traditional “Yee Sang” toss which typically signifies prosperity. Later everyone had some delicious meal before enjoying the boys’ lion dance and other performances. The day ended with Bro. Peter K giving away “ang pau” and oranges to all that were present.


All 89 Montfort Youth Centre boys received an early Chinese New Year present of ang pows together with a goodie bag, courtesy of ENE Melaka’s annual festive donations. The goodwill donation is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts in which they never fail to include MYC as well. The ang pows were presented by Mr. Goh Sin Giin, the State Manager of ENE Melaka Sdn. Bhd., and his team. God bless you MagnumCares!


MYC had its Pongal celebration on 15 January 2020 and was celebrated together with all boys and staff. The most significant part of Pongal Celebration is the overflowing of milk when it starts boiling which symbolizes abundance and considerable wealth. The boys had their own fun by competing amongst their houses to see whose milk overflows first. Later, everyone had the freshly cooked Pongal with many other delicacies prepared by MYC staff. It was a glorious celebration especially when it is celebrated with friends and family.